Julia enjoys attending school at Marshall Early Learning Center where she will be starting Kindergarten in fall. Letters, sounds and speech are current focuses. We are very proud of her for completing potty training this past year. She loves to be outside, playing in the water, sandbox, swinging, or spending time with neighborhood friends. Her best friend is her brother Jimmy. They enjoy causing mischief together; riding on their ride-on tractors, building towers, spraying each other with water and enjoying life. Julia is always on the go and likes to keep us hopping. Julia brings us joy, smiles and laughter and plenty of new adventures.

Meet the MADSS Family of the Month- the Cayo Family!

We are the Cayo’s – James, Jamie, Julia (6), Jimmy (3) and Jen (1). Julia was our first child and we learned of the Down Syndrome diagnosis at birth.

While there is no shortage of love and acceptance of Julia, we do have to admit that it did take us a bit to adjust emotionally. The Madison Area Down Syndrome Society Moms group played a large role in mom adjusting and helping us feel like a part of a larger family. Reading books about Down Syndrome, a bit of crying, love from family and friends and lots of prayer brought us to realize that as with any child, we as parents have dreams for them, but they will grow into their own person and achieve their own dreams.

Some of the harder things for us have been dealing with physical outbursts for attention and to express feelings, especially during the toddler years. These were mainly due to not being able to communicate effectively. As parents, we had to learn how to be more patient and explain things instead of just trying to hurry things along as well as be better listeners with our eyes and hearts instead of with our ears. Julia still struggles with her speech being understood but she is working very hard on it and enjoys giving us directions when she wants a specific snack or who she wants to go visit.