Josh is a very active, charming, and loving kid! He loves his sister and brother deeply; they have a very strong bond. He loves to play sports- basketball, flag football, baseball, and his new love, track!  He enjoys being outside -playing, hiking, and going for family walks.

Meet the MADSS Family of the Month- the Morrisard Family!

​We are the Morrisard family, and we love our crazy, fun life!

My name is Nicole and I have a wonderful husband, Cory, and we are very proud to be the parents of three beautiful children: Kali, a senior, Josh, a fifth grader, and Ethan, a third grader. We live in Mount Horeb.

We didn't find out Josh had Down syndrome until he was about six months old.  There were no health concerns or major worries before or after he was born, so nothing was detected. We were fortunate to get put into the hands of MADSS right away, where we were connected with resources and other families. It was a huge blessing to us then, and it still is today.

Josh is a people's person type of kid. He loves being around people, talking to people,  and interacting with people. Josh has taught us many lessons about life, but the biggest one that continues to stick out is to just love people. Life can really be that simple- just love!