Kaden loves football, both playing and watching. He cheers on the Badgers, the Packers and the BYU Cougars. He loves school, jumping on the trampoline and playing with his little sister. He loves his dance class with his sister, piano lessons and the Rec. gymnastics program. He is getting excited for his new dog arriving in the next few months. He has already named him Cosmo. 

Meet the MADSS Family of the Month- the Laws Family!

​Hello! We are the Laws Family. We have lived in Lake Mills (small town 25 min. east of Madison) for about 5 years now. Before living here, we lived in McHenry, Illinois for about 4 years. We are originally from Utah and that is where most of our family still resides. My husband’s job has moved us here to the Midwest. We love Wisconsin and small town living.

Our family consists of my husband Dru, myself, Jessica, and our four children. Ellie (16), Jaren (13), Kaden (10) and Grace (6). Our third child, Kaden, has Down Syndrome. We did not know he had DS until after he was born. It was a bit of a shock for us mostly because we had no idea what to expect. I think we still feel unsure of the future, but we are learn as we go. 

Kaden is a huge blessing to our family. We cannot imagine a day without him! He is very funny and makes us laugh. He is smart! Reading is his favorite thing to do and we often have to remind him to slow down as he whips through his books. Kaden is in fourth grade and is fully integrated into a regular classroom setting. He is pulled out for therapy, but often times, those are also integrated into his regular day. Kaden has a few health problems-hearing loss in both ears (hearing aids), hypothyroid, sleep apnea and reflux. We have been pretty luck though to have him so healthy. 


We have not been too involved in MADSS other than the Buddy Walk. We hope to get to know some of you better and find Kaden a group of friends!