Programs and Services


Fraternal Events

MADSS hosts family fraternal events throughout our county support areas on a regular basis. Events include everything from bowling nights to family picnics to our annual holiday party. Check out our calendar to find upcoming events near you!


Programs & Classes

MADSS hosts recurring programming and classes, and partners with other organizations to bring classes to our members. Join us for a playgroup, swim lesson, or teen club at a location near you! Visit our calendar for upcoming programs.



Parent’s First Call

MADSS supports new and expectant parents with resources and support in the moments that follow a diagnosis.



Educational Programming

MADSS hosts conferences and seminars to educate caregivers, medical professionals, and community members, including “Day with the Experts,” an annual conference on Down syndrome co-hosted with the Waisman Center. View our calendar for upcoming events.


Medical Outreach

MADSS educates medical professionals on how to deliver a fair and compassionate Down syndrome diagnosis. In addition, MADSS offers continuing education opportunities on the latest information about Down syndrome.

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Life Enhancement & Community Outreach

MADSS offers the Life Enhancement Program for families with a child with Down syndrome throughout our supported counties in order to help offset expenses. In addition, MADSS sends care packages to our families who are experiences a hospital stay.


Awareness Programming

MADSS hosts an annual Down Syndrome Awareness Walk to raise awareness of Down Syndrome throughout South Central Wisconsin. In addition, we engage the community through advertising campaigns and other awareness activities.


Advocacy Services

MADSS works hard to ensure that the voices of individuals with Down syndrome are represented in state and national policies. We are part of WIDSAC, the Wisconsin Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition.